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At China Primary, our sole focus is to provide our clients with an information advantage in their investment process. Our data and analytics enable our clients to benefit from the identification of demand drivers and inflection points ahead of the broader market and the changes in weekly gross gaming revenue. This allows our clients to size and re-size their holdings accordingly.

Data Collection

Our collection process follows strict statistical and market research discipline, and is designed by statistics PhDs and experienced market research professionals. After the data is collected and thoroughly vetted, we rigorously analyze it using proprietary statistical models.


As soon as we are confident of the data’s accuracy, we immediately provide it to our clients. We design our research processes to ensure that our data are delivered to our clients several weeks before casino operators report to the investment community at large. We provide our proprietary assessments along with the raw data so that our clients can conduct their own analyses.


Conflicts of interest continue their prevalence among those who serve the investment community. We believe that the mere illusion of potential conflicts diminishes the value of our service. Accordingly, we take great pains to ensure that we have no conflicts of interest, and have absolutely no relationship with or positions in the companies we analyze.