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China Primary’s data and analytics provide an information advantage. Our clients benefit from the identification of changes to demand drivers and performance inflection points ahead of the broader market and the changes in weekly gross gaming revenue. This allows our clients to size and re-size their holdings accordingly.


  1. Anticipate Shifts: We identify shifts in demand and drivers of demand much earlier (often 2 to 4 months earlier) than changes in the weekly gross gaming revenues.
  2. Substantiated With Data: Our data identify whether there is any weakening in drivers of demand (by customer segments) during periods of market dislocation.
  3. Evaluation of New Openings: We measure the underlying demand of new casinos and the cannibalization of existing properties.

Our casino research analysts have an unequaled method of rigorous and frequent data collection. Our process has been collaboratively designed by statistics PhDs, industry experts and research specialists. We follow strict statistical & market research discipline and we back test our data to ensure the highest degree of accuracy.

Moreover, we deliver to our clients raw data separate from our analysis, allowing them to conduct their own assessment of company performance.


Our research focuses on measuring key indicators of changes in demand for the major Macau and Singapore casinos. Our insights are several levels deeper than research typically provided by sell-side research, thus allowing our clients to develop their investment theses and take positions with conviction.


We conduct our research independent of the casinos we study as we are dedicated to providing unbiased, objective data to institutional investors. Our findings are backed-up by rigorously vetted primary data.

Our analysts adhere to a strict and market-leading compliance process.